Simon Phipps BÉTON BRUT


IMG_5824Le Lay Architects are pleased to support The Foundry Gallery and the work of Artist Simon Phipps. We will be hosting an exhibition of Simon’s work in our gallery from 9 September to 26 October.

Phipps photographic documentation of Brutalist architecture, gives us a fresh way of looking at these dynamic constructions through new perspectives. BÉTON BRUT presents a new series of Phipps’ architectural photography, screen printed in monochrome on aluminium panels with a halftone screen. The considered selection of materials captures one of the important principles of Brutalism, “it is not concerned with the material, but the quality of the material.” These prints move away from being purely representational to becoming sculptural pieces in their own right. A selection of Phipps’ extensive photographic inventory sits alongside the aluminium panels, their curatorial arrangements highlighting typological similarities and differences, revealing an in-depth analysis of architectural form and structure.

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