Mixed Development, Kew Gardens

Another really great example of re-thinking an existing brownfield site tucked away under Kew Bridge. Located on the west side of the railway to the South of Station Parade and Kew Gardens Station, the site consisted of a number of part-vacant industrial buildings including a scout hall and private transport museum.

As originally submitted, the proposals included total refurbishment and elevation alterations to the railway side building introducing a new mezzanine floor would be inserted along the whole length of the building. All the buildings timber clad, pre-fab and brick structures on the west side of the site would be demolished and replaced with a three and a half storey block of twenty-two bedroom flats.

Le Lay Architects and County Gate Properties worked with Richmond Planning Department to provide a higher level of quality accommodation while retaining as much of the commercial space as possible to encourage growth in the area. The design of the proposed buildings developed alongside the planning process, mixing traditional industrial design with stylish contemporary detailing.