Holy Trinity Church, Sloane Square

High Victorian church designed by John Dando Sedding. Grade I listed and of national significance for interior furnishings and stained glass windows by Pre-Raphaelite artist community and known as ‘Cathedral of the Arts and Crafts’.

Le Lay Architects has been working with and guiding the church for over ten years through the appointment of Quinquennial Inspector, currently held by practice director Jonathan Goode. We have provided comprehensive condition surveys every five years; advised on major repairs and heating works; design and commissioned alterations to provide meeting spaces, catering facilities and disabled access; as well as giving guidance on every day matters for looking after the church fabric , art works and furnishings.

We can help churches in many ways from regular maintenance, which can ensure that the building stays dry, reducing repair costs and making sure that all parts of the church can be used. Through small alterations or improvements that make the building more usable, making the best of underused spaces for extra income or encouraging more visitors through better comfort and facilities. Right to major interventions and extensions that develop the mission of the church and participation in the parish so creating a vibrant heart to the community.
All these works, whether large or small help to keep an historic church in use providing good stewardship and passing on the dedication of congregations past and present.