Denbigh Gardens, Richmond

Our work on existing houses can take on a number of forms and are often combined to give the best result for our client. Alterations and extension help to maximise available space. For example adding another bedroom will allow a family to stay in the same home. They can also be used to add some quality to the property that was previously lacking, such as increased daylight, a better connection with a garden or a more open layout, making the home more desirable. Refurbishment can bring a neglected house back into full use by repairing damaged fabric, improving the thermal, acoustic and aesthetic qualities of the structure and upgrading services to meet the expectation and requirements of today’s home owners.

Many of the practice’s private clients see great prestige and value in traditional buildings and want authentic historic detailing that works with contemporary design. Our knowledge of traditional building techniques, detailing and material allows us to bring elements forward from the rich culture of architectural design.

The design and construction of Denbigh Gardens involved the substantial re-modelling of a plain 1960’s house to create an elegant 5 bedroom family home. The front and rear elevations were completely re-faced in new brick and stone details. The internal floors were adjusted to increase floor area and give better room heights. The building’s thermal performance and services were greatly improved.