Basement Apartment in Knightsbridge

We are often asked to revitalise underused or poorly laid-out properties. This was very much the case with Pont Street. Formerly a caretaker’s flat and storage for the apartments above with a separate street entrance. The flat was dark with small rooms and odd wall directions; the garden was built into leaving only a small outside space overlooked by the flat above.

The success in adapting the flat was in opening up the interior to provide large well-lit spaces, linking the front and back together for longer views, returning a larger rear garden and improving the front approach so that it hand the same grandeur as the apartments above. All new joinery, including the front and internal doors, was designed using historic profiles from other parts of the building. A lighting scheme was created that provided flexibility and good illumination, important in a lower ground floor apartment. A hardwood floor, Brazilian Cherry, which is very durable and has a warm hue, was laid over underfloor heating, to unify the rooms and add to the sense of space. The flat was transformed, making a desirable addition to the property, and was successfully marketed shortly after completion.