Illustrations for Harrogate housing project


Le Lay Architects have prepared illustrated views of a proposed high quality housing project in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. These images, which use a combination of hand drawings, computer modelling and Adobe Photoshop, are to be used in consultation with neighbours to the project site.

Architectural sketches and illustrations are a key part of our work and very much inform the way we design buildings and landscape. The ability to draw in this way is one of our strengths and something we encourage and promote as much as we can. It is an important tool in understanding and explaining our designs to others. Often sketch views are prepared early on in the design process, even before preparing a plan, to get a feel for the appearance of buildings and the spaces between them.

The illustrations seen here have been prepared after the outline design was completed and in preparation for submitting a full planning application. Further illustrations may be used for marketing and publicity by our clients and by us to explain to contractors how the finished building or detail is intended to look.