Heritage, Health and Wellbeing


Report cover. Title Heritage, Health and Wellbeing A Heritage Alliance Report

Does heritage benefits people’s health and wellbeing? The Heritage Alliance believe so and has published a report documenting the positive impact heritage can have on individual and community wellbeing.

“This report confirms what anyone working in heritage already knows: that places look after people as much as people look after places. Health and wellbeing are at the very top of public policy concerns right now, and the heritage sector has a huge amount to contribute given the significant levels of personal satisfaction that working in and with the past brings. By refocusing on personal health and wellbeing, heritage sites can explore new operational models that will help to make them more sustainable in the longer term.” Ben Cowell, Director General, Historic Houses.

Accessible steps leading up to a listed historic building

From participating in archaeological excavations, engaging in sensory palaces to going wild at forestry school. Illustrated case studies explore the range of benefits that comes through connecting, being active, experiencing, learning and volunteering through heritage. Many in well-known heritage settings like Historic Royal Palaces and Stonehenge.

Volunteers serving tea from a new kitchen inside a church.

The greatest benefit to health and wellbeing from heritage is likely to be for those with the greatest need and perhaps the most barriers to participation. Le Lay Architects is committed to improving access to our heritage, opening it up to more people to get the health and wellbeing benefits. We are pleased to be sponsors of Heritage, Health and Wellbeing – A Heritage Alliance Report. You can view the report here.