Painting by Ed Saye called Good Intentions
Le Lay Architects are pleased to support The Foundry Gallery and the work of Artist Ed Saye. We will be hosting an exhibition of Ed’s paintings in our gallery from 24 November 2016 to 12 January 2017.

‘No Promised Land’ showcases a new series of paintings focusing on the architecture of idealism. These highly complex and detailed paintings originate from found photographic images of modernist houses falling into disrepair and the makeshift homes of hippie communities.  While these two styles of architecture seem to lie at the furthermost points from each other, both implied that utopian idylls could be fabricated through architecture.   Each of Saye’s paintings is a different version of these fading idylls, a lament for the utopian ideals of either living through Modernist values – buildings as machines for living – or in hippie communes, living off the land – simply off-grid.

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